While we post all complaints on the S List, there are times when we feel we need to alert people to the latest reported offenders. If we get notified that a contractor is pulling a fast one and is cheating people, we will post alerts here. You can then go to The S List, and read the full story.
Larry Folk
Jon Fenstermaker
Tom Sakis
It is time for all of us to join together and stop the bad guys in their tracks! If you are sick and tired of the same dishonest contractors making money, while sticking it to the hard-working tradesmen, then become of member of The S List today! Alert others when a contractor is not paying his bills, or spread the word if you have worked with someone who has gone above and beyond to meet his obligations. Finally, there is a way we can check out a contractor in advance. The better informed you are, the less chance you will get cheated by a dishonest contractor!

Welcome to the S List
Have you ever been cheated by a builder or general contractor? I bet you have! My name is Wes Shankland, and I own Westin Air, LLC, a heating and cooling company in Ohio, along with my business partner, Justin Peters. I was getting sick and tired of getting ripped off by builders not paying me. The builders would always try to sweet talk me, acting like they are my best buddy. I'm sure you have all heard the usual,"Just help me out here, buddy," and "I'll have you a check in a couple of weeks." All of a sudden, you can't reach them and it seems as if they have dropped off the face of the earth! The next thing you know, you get bankruptcy papers saying that they no longer are liable to pay you! Meanwhile, you owe all the supply houses money, you owe your employees money, and you need to feed your family! I tried all the traditional legal methods of collecting, but these rarely produce any results.  If you have been in business for any length of time, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. My favorite scenario is when the company declares bankruptcy, forms another company, and continues on with business as usual.

I got the idea for this site when an electrician friend of mine called me to say he talked to a buddy that was getting ready to do a job for Larry Folk, a guy that cheated me, and other subcontractors, out of thousands of dollars. I was furious that this guy was out there doing jobs like nothing had ever happened! I wanted to be able to shout to the world who this guy is, and what he had done to me and many others! Someone needs to stop these guys and look out for each other by sharing our information, so that others don't have to learn the hard way.
Let's join together and expose these guys!
When contractors are dishonest and don't pay their bills, things can get ugly!

The S List staff does not encourage these extreme collection tactics, and in no way endorses them, but these real-life stories are great! If you want a real laugh and a sense of "finally, those guys are getting what they deserve", take a few minutes to read some of the hilarious stories our members have submitted.
If you have a story you would like to share with us,
send it to EXTREME@crookedcontractors.com. We will
review it and let you know if we will be publishing it.
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